Specialty Car Tags


Only specialty tags can be reissued to another car as long as the owner is the same. The special tag fee, if there is one, will be charged as if a new tag is issued. The fee does not transfer, but the tag can be reissued. We do this for the benefit of the owner since some people memorize their tag numbers. 

If they do not want to keep the same tag, issue a new one. The process is the same. Surrender the tag off the old car and register it to the new car. The old car would receive a different tag (if they kept the old car) for a fee of $10 if it's not renewal time.

Qualifying for More Than One Tag

If someone qualifies for a retired armed forces and a DAV tag, they can place each tag on a separate vehicle. The restrictions are limited to the qualifications of the person and the number of tags they can receive. This is true for DAV and ex-POWs. If a person qualifies for two exempt tags, they can place each on a separate vehicle. 

The exception to this is the Pearl Harbor and Purple Heart. These tags share the same section number and because of the wording in the section, a person can only receive one or the other.

Availability & Cost

Contact the Tax Collector's Office for more information on specialty tags and prices.