About Youth Court

Youth Court Public Defender

The Youth Court Public Defender represents minors from indigent (as determined by the YC) families who are charged with delinquent acts. State law requires each child have his/her own attorney in all formal court proceedings.

Youth Court Judge Requirements

  • Elected Officials who serve four year terms
  • Practicing layer for five years
  • 26 years of age or older
  • Citizen of the State for at least five years

About the Court

The public is excluded from Youth Court, the proceedings are civil, and the court has a wide range of possible options in dealing with those youth who enter its doors. Appeals are to the Supreme Court.

Jackson County Youth Court has numerous programs aimed at helping families and children of Jackson County. Programs include but are not limited to Jackson County Juvenile Drug Court and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program.

Like the Justice, Municipal, and County Courts, the Family and Youth Courts are of limited jurisdiction, but all are busy, vital to the justice system, and in need of cooperation and support of all officials and branches of government.